HelpLightning ®

Unique Remote Assistance Solution.

Sales Representative Europe & Global Accounts

Helplighting inc., based in US and with sales & support representation in Europe, is willing to help Field Service customers to increase their customer centricity by adopting its worldwide patented merged reality solution, giving Field Service Organization the opportunity to install "virtual interactive presence" in its operation and in its customer interaction's, using Augmented & Merged reality, without any hardware investments. 

Our customers have observed several benefits coming from our solution : faster issue resolution, higher "first time right" resolution, possibility to remotely assist lower skilled technician, for increased inernal efficiency & customers/partners interaction's 

"Virtual Interactive Presence" based on Augmented & Merged reality solution will bring immediate impacts in the maintenance & repairs operation's, in inspection, and in interaction with externs partners and customers. 

Many service organization have adopted this solution as we deep think in the use of technologies to help Human Capital.