Our approach ?

Your Success

We have developped and successfully applied in several Field Service Organizations

dedicated approach™ to Field Service Transformation & Digitalization,

based on 20y+ experience in both public and private Service Organizations.

We assist our customers in all phases of the programup the benefits realization.

We therefore ensure measurable results to our clients in term of Field Efficiency increase, Field Service revenues increase, and, last but not least, customers and employees satisfaction increase.

Source : The Nagara Methodology for Field Service Transformation & Digitalization™


We have developed a specific and unique assessement tool

to identify the prides and the hidden potentials of all Field Service Organization,

taking into account the "voices of" all stakeholders : 

the Customers, the Field employees, the Controller, the Management Team and the Processes

We practice "Gemba walks", which is for us the best way to capture topics and concerns related to how effectively your Field Service team is performing.


Based on the results of the FS assessement, we select 

the "Field Service Optimization Battles" that will bring the highest benefits

to the Organization, in term of efficiency, satisfaction and organization.

We have identified around 30 enhancement levers directly applicable to the FSO's, and most of those levers have been pre-packaged in order to accelerate their implementation.

We then define and sequence a Transformation & Digitalization Traject, with the selection,  introdution or reinforcement of a  Field Service Management Software. 


We assit you in the implementation of the Field Service Optimization Battles, with one objective in mind : get all benefits from the approach

We take the lead of the transformation & digitalization program, if requested by our client.

​We change Mindset & Processes & Systems, by intensively interacting with employees,

from the Field to the Management Team ​

We help you create  high performing teams to quickly give you autonomy.