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The 3 main challenges of Field Service Organisation

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

In each Field Service Organisations (FSO), there is an enormous potential for a step change improvement in key drivers like speed, quality & customer satisfaction, while at the same time reducing overall costs and improving the technician satisfaction.

When we talk about Field service, what is it precisely? "Field Service covers tasks related to the installation, repair or maintenance of equipment or machinery on site. Tasks that require the movement and intervention of technicians, " explains Dominique Vaes, founder of Field Service in Motion. The term appeared a few years ago and is applicable to companies, public or private, both in B to B and B to C and in fields as varied as the maintenance of household appliances, air conditioning, electrical installations or elevators. “The moment a technician comes to work on equipment, either on their own or on behalf of a customer, we talk about Field Service. These activities are crucial, because if they stop, breakdowns pile up and the world stops running!”

We can say that Field Service technicians are "keeping the society running smoothly"!

They therefore deserve our attention and we need to help Field Service Organisations to overcome their challenges.

Challenge 1: Field Service processes

In most FSO, Field Service processes are usually slow, too complex, with high “service-in-process” and therefore expensive. According to The George Group, at least 50 % of total service costs is not adding value in their customers’ eyes. Our observations on the field confirm every day this statement!

Furthermore, in services, work is largely invisible, and it is hard to judge the amount of work-in-progress. Therefore, typical Service Process Cycle efficiency is usually under 10 %, meaning that no added value is added during 90 % of the processing time, compared to 50 % world-class cycle efficiency.

Efficiently managing a team of service technicians to offer the best service to customers and end-users with the highest operational efficiency is a complex equation to solve, as it requires to constantly optimise many variables, touching the processes, the organisation, the governance and the technology.

Challenge 2: Field Service using a paper-based system

​To manage Field Service operations, an FSM-Field Service Management software is a must. This specific type of Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) makes it possible to automatically plan technicians' interventions, ensure the availability of spare parts, generate intervention reports and monitor the progress of jobs in real time. Digitization makes it possible to minimise machine downtime and maintain communication between the customer and the back office.

Using an FSM software with a good planning module can increase a technician's capacity by up to 20 %. Analysis of service reports can also highlight the need for regular maintenance and generate new maintenance contracts.

The FSM software offers a canvas to the technician who follows a protocol for each of his interventions: values to be measured, steps to be followed and completed, report to be written. He performs his various tasks, via a tablet or a smartphone, even offline. Automatic reporting systems, validated by the customer, avoid discussions, which are usually a waste of time and income. A digital approach gives more clarity to interventions and ensure quality. It also allows to integrate Field Service 4.0 technologies (IoT, Digitaw Twins, AI scheduling, AR/MR remote assistance, …) into one single platform.

Challenge 3: The pursuit of Field Service Excellence

Service excellence is the act of going beyond customer expectations and delivering an experience that really impress your clients. Service excellence has an indisputable impact customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and on sales. Customers keep coming back to the organisations that go beyond to provide service excellence.

If a device breaks down and the response is quick, efficient and friendly, the customer will remember it. For a Field Service Organisation, each breakdown is an opportunity to position yourself as a reliable partner and to retain a customer, as long as the service is excellent

Success in Field Service Business depends upon excellence in your daily operations. With well-defined processes and the right software, you will experience increased productivity and will be able to scale your operations rapidly and effectively.

If you are ready to get things done, we are at your (field) service. Book an introduction appointment.

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