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Three reasons why Remote Assistance is the “new normal"in Field Service

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

With Covid, Remote Assistance Solutions has gain traction in every business. This is particularly true for Field Service Organizations. It saves time, reduces costs and improves customer satisfaction. Touchless Service Strategy should now become the center of the attention.

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Merged reality

Remote Assistance used to be as basic as a phone call or a video call. However, sophisticated but easy-to-use technologies are now available raising remote assistance to a next level. We are talking about virtual assistance based on augmented reality andmerged reality,). This bring the ability to to see and act on what your customer or colleague share, and to guide them as if you were right by their side to solve their issue.. We are talking about innovative ways to solve problems.

Remote Guidance is a no-travel, cost-effective, seeing-is-believing solution. As companies face this pandemic the need to share and transfer expertise has never been more urgent. Now more than ever, field technicians must be able to feel that even if they’re on their own, they are not isolated. In times of lockdown and social distancing, a tool that genuinely helps field technicians to connect with, and support their peers, is a powerful investment. Reassuring them and their colleagues that expert guidance is still there. Help will still be at hand.

To stay agile and on top of the game, Field Service Organizations should definitely set up a Touchless Solution Strategy based on different scenarios and level of technicalities. At Field Service in Motion, we only see the positive gains of remote assistance. Here are a least three advantages that make remote assistance solution a no-brainer.

1. Remote assistance allows Field Service Organization to save time

One of the biggest benefits of a remote assistance service is that it eliminates additional time involved when completing a task or a process. And we all know that time has a real impact on the success of a project and on the customer satisfaction.

Remote assistance allows to solve issue faster and to bring back the equipment in service more rapidly allowing business continuity.

It is also more productive and efficient because there is a triage. As a technician can see and observe exactly what’s going on from distance, he gets a better chance of knowing what to do and do the troubleshooting remotely.

Remote Assistance Solutions enable to do more with less and to optimize service delivery. The customer gets the service complete faster.

2. Remote assistance allows Field Service Organization to reduce costs

Remote assistance - Solutions - Field Service - Helplightning - costs
Cost results

If you can do the repairs remotely, it will dramatically reduce the cost. Appliance repair can be costly when it requires a dispatch. As you don’t need to send a technician on-site, you avoid the costs related, such as fuel and salary.

Secondly, by solving the problem promptly, you reduce downtime of the equipment avoiding penalties if any.

Thirdly, experts can directly support technicians and customers and guide them through the resolution. You solve the problem more efficiently and save additional cost by avoiding to send a second person on location.

3. Remote assistance solutions improve customer and technicians experience

Remote assistance solutions - Field services - Helplightning - Touchless strategy

Remote Assistance Solutions are based on advanced technologies such as augmented

reality and merged reality. Technicians are able to visually interact with other technicians from distance. Technicians feel supported; even if they’re on their own, they are not isolated anymore ! It helps service experts resolve problems as though they were working side-by-side with a colleague or a customer. It definitely improves customer experience.

The end customer likes this ability to get touchless service, to get service fast, to have somebody walk them through the solution.

With those three grains, it is easy to jump to conclusion that every service organizations need to define a Touchless Strategy for their services. Remote Assistance solution is a real game changer in the way companies provide service to their customers: saving time, driving down costs as well as improving the overall customer experience. It also requires a review of the service offering and the way to interact with customers.

If you are open to change and want to learn more about our Remote Assistance Solutions and Touchless service strategies, book a quick demo call (45 minutes) today by filling this form. Field Service in Motion is the official representative for Help Lightning in Europe and for global companies. We will help you define your Touchless Service Strategy ! .

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