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Field Service Radar Assessment © 

Customised for Field Service Organisation, the Field Service Radar Assessment © is the quickest path to the highest added value opportunities across operations. 

At Field Service in Motion, a consultancy dedicated to Field Service Organisations, we have developed our own patented method for assessing Field Service process & culture effectiveness and for “making the invisible visible”.   

Benefits of the Field Radar Assessment © 


Your company finds itself at a cross-road 


You want to take immediate and radical initiatives in your Field Service management to keep your competitive leadership in your market 

You would like to change the mindset, the processes and the technologies with intense engagement of your operations teams



You want to unleash energy & enthusiasm of your field service workforce to fuel productivity and reduce absenteeism


You want to avoid customer churn and most of all increase client satisfaction 

With the Field Service Radar Assessment © you know exactly in which direction to go to improve your customer satisfaction and internal efficiency. You have a rich, integrated picture of your Field Service performances, an action plan developed along with an implementation framework.  


You get priorities and initiatives on all aspect of your business: People, Organization & Performance, Strategy & Performance, Process & Data, Technology and Culture. You move from a “paper based & decentralised” FSO to a “digital, centralised and controlled” FSO, with higher margins and satisfaction.  


As technology has enabled digital transformation in many areas of business, you realise Field Service has been on the sidelines while it can surely benefit from transformation and digitalisation.  

What you need is a tailored transformation and digitalisation roadmap. 


The Field Service Radar Assessment © proposes immediate recovery actions, recommendation & change roadmap.  

The challenges of your Field Service Organisation

A unique methodology

The view of the customers

how satisfied your customers are with the current service delivery 

The view of the employees

how satisfied your employees are with the current FSO organisation 

The view of the financial & operational data 

how profitable your delivery is for your business 

The Field Service Radar Assessment © is a pragmatic consulting report which involves a comprehensive analysis of Field Service organisations.  The assessment is based on measures and survey and follows a six steps process from the Nagara Methodology ©.  


We assess around 50 criterias, covering most of the “hard” & “soft” aspects, needed to drive a highly successful and performant Service Organization.  


Several perspectives are considered:  


The results are combined in the Field Service Radar Assessment Template ©, showing existing situation, trends, potential targeted situation and spider diagram comparing existing results with potential enhancements. It also includes a list of recommendations, expected benefits, and efforts to realise them. 

The enhancement levers are ready to use in the Field Service industry to accelerate implementation and avoid mistakes. 

Set of powerful tools & methods

We have developed and successfully applied a set of powerful tools & methods to “make the invisible visible” inside your FSO:

The Field Service Radar Assessment © provides the quickest path to the highest added value opportunities across operations. You are able to select the right opportunities at the right time, maximise ROI and effectively move toward your goals. Through this quantitative and qualitative analysis, you drive a highly successful and performant Field Service Organisation.  

Successful and performant Field Service Organisations

At your Field Service

Field Service in Motion is uniquely specialised in accompanying local and Global Field Services Organizations (Electrolux, KONE, Sibelga, Krones, Elia, Vinçotte, etc) in their Field Service Transformation and Digitalization journeys to increase their efficiency and customer satisfaction.  Our consultants are recognised Field Service Management Experts Our company is a unique observer of the Field Service digitalization trends in Europe, as we have access to Best Field Service practices all over Europe. 

If you wish to discuss the challenges of your Field Service Organisation and see how the Field Service Radar assessment apply to your situation, get in touch with us :