Touchless Services, the new normal in service


Reimaging how you give and receive help,

with remote assistance powered by merged reality

We are an official Helplighting reseller in Europe & East-Asia and for Global Accounts.   


With Help Lightning Merged Reality remote assistance solution, Field Service Oganisations are enhancing service revenues, extending workforce capacity and achieving immediate performance improvements including:

  • 35% increase in first-time fix rates

  • 30% reduction in time to resolution

  • 20% improvement in phone fix rate

  • 30% increase in end customer satisfaction

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Helplightning: Unique Remote Assistance

Helplighting is helping Field Service customers to increase their customer centricity by adopting its worldwide patented merged reality solution.  It gives Field Service Organization the opportunity to install "virtual interactive presence" in its operation and in its customer interaction's, using Augmented & Merged reality, without any hardware investments. 


Faster issue resolution, Less tavel time, higher "first time right" resolution, possibility to assist remotely lower skilled technicians, ... are immediate tangible benefits coming along with the implementation of our solution. 

Around 50 000 technicians have adopted our solution sor far in more than 80 countries in the Field Service area, the Manufacturing operations and the Contact Centers.


No Hardware to install ! Easy to Use ! Free pilot that could be activated in a matter of days ! 

If you are willing to create your "Touchless Strategy" and want to learn more about our Remote Assistance Solutions, book a quick demo call (45 minutes) today by contacting us.