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For immediate tangible results of your Field Service efficiency



The Field Service Radar Assessment© is the quickest path to identify added value opportunities across your organization. By "scanning" your processes, data, IT systems & architecture, the feedback of your customers and technicians, we propose you the best to-be operating model, with recommendations and a business case for your (digital) transformation.



With our dedicated methodology, we help you build your RFP and select the most suitable FSM software and/or Service Operations Apps for your exact needs. You will save time, effort and money thanks to our unique FSM Software market knowledge and independence.



Our biggest impact on your operations! We take the lead of your Field Service Digital Transformation. We act as highly specialized FSM Project Managers, Product Owners, FSM Business Analysts, FSM Transformation experts or Advisors. We drive your project team and the IT integrator, we deeply interact with your technicians, planners & back-office until rollout completion.



LEAN in Field Service!

We define and realize your roadmap towards the full realization of the benefits of your FSM investment, beyond simple WO management and manual scheduling. With our best practices, we drive your teams to a higher measurable operational efficiency in terms of service execution and overall process & FSM software performance.

Best practices to make your FSM project a success

Putting the right FS digital foundations in place and getting tangible and visible benefits in the field and for the customers, requires a dedicated and structured approach, taking into consideration the radical changes in the way to operate.

Thanks to our long experience in the area, the best practices we have collected when collaborating with many local and global FSO's that we have packaged in our FS transformation methodology, we can ensure visible results in terms of operational efficiency and customer (and employee) satisfaction in the shortest possible period.

Field Service Transformation & Digitalisation Programs​ require a dedicated approach

We have actively participated in multiple FSM digital transformation projects in global companies, impacting more than 30.000 field technicians globally. We take several roles in our customer's FSM program: FSM program management, FSM transformation management, FSM Business Analysis, Advisor to the VP FSM, etc. Thanks to numerous years of field service experience, making us a unique consultancy boutique in this area, we are able to share best practices to accelerate adoption and benefits realization of any FSM digital transformation journey.

Experts in supporting Field Service Organizational and Cultural Transformation

We interact with all stakeholders: Management Teams, FS (digital) Technicians, FSM software providers, integrators... We ensure full adoption for structural Efficiencies & greater Satisfaction​.

Field Service Management (FSM) Software and other FS 4.0 technologies have no secrets for us​

We have worked with the major FSM Software, while always staying independent from software providers and integrators. As we are constantly analyzing and monitoring the capabilities of FSM software, we are very well postioned to guide our customers in the selection of the best FSM software fitting exactly their current and future needs. We are also specialized in advising and getting all business benefits from other FS 4.0 technologies, like AR/MR remote assistance, AI for better resource planning and parts prediction, IoT & Digital Twins. 

Maintaining a strong Human Touch in all Technology-Driven Service interactions is our constant focus

Field Service will always be a "People Business”. Even if automated maintenance and remote assistance will decrease the number of on-site visits and face-to-face interactions with the customers, we always advise in our FSM digitalization projects to keep the right level of qualitative & easy interactions with customers and effortless experience for the technicians and the planners. We are convinced these are major differentiators for "Best in Class Customers experience" and for "Best-in-Class Technicians & Planners experience", also to keep and attract talented FS employees.

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