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Customized for Service, our Field Service Radar Assessment© is the quickest  path to identify added value opportunities across your organization.

By "scanning" your processes, your data, your technology, the feedback of your customers and technicians, we will identify the strengths & weaknesses of the 6 FS Processes and propose you the best recommendations and business case for your (digital) transformation.

The Field Service Radar Assessment© examines the service delivery capabilities of your organization by analyzing how the organization’s processes & culture enable currently the efficient achievement of your objectives. It will identify  “points of pride” as well as “improvements potentials”.

Several perspectives are considered :

  • The view of the customers: how satisfied your customers are with the current service delivery

  • The view of the employees : how satisfied your employees are with the current organization

  • The view of the financial & operational data: how profitable your delivery is for your business

  • We will ask your technicians, operational management, back office ad customers to complete our custom build Field Service Improvement Survey©, which will give us an exclusive inside view and already reveal a bunch of hidden potential from your internal and external stakeholders

  • Gemba Walks are one of our favourite tools to get down to business and to really experience first-hand your specific situation

  • Off course we will perform Process & Organization Analysis to get an end to end view of your Field Service Operations. We have developed specific tools for Field Service to get these insights: The Field Service Waste identification Dashboard © & The Field Service Organizational Study©

  • Besides our customer build tools for Field Service we also have some old school tools in our belt that never go out of style such as data gathering and crunching using Lean Six Sigma techniques, a critical view on your current Solution Architecture




The results are combined in the Field Service Radar Assessment© template, showing existing situation, trends, potential targeted situation and spider diagram comparing existing results with potential enhancements.

This will allow to pick your Field Service Optimisation battles to make sure that you focus on the right things to keep satisfying your customers with excellent Field Service.

Togehter we build your roadmap towards true Service excellence.

How can we help?

Looking to improve the performance of your Field Service Operations, but don't know where to start? Contact us and let's see how we can help.

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